134 – Inside a florists

We drove to the downtown to get a haircut for the kiddo.  After the haircut and placing a take-away order for lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby, there was some time to kill. Got into a florist’s shop where the kiddo looked at all the flora and pots with excitement and told the florist who was working on an arrangement that she was making a mess!

At one end of the store was a large cage with these 2 birds, one very busy preening, the other very bored.

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2 thoughts on “134 – Inside a florists

  1. roops on said:

    Where are 132 and 133 ?

  2. Juliette Mosha on said:

    Running a florist business is extremely hard work as most independent florists are open six days a week although some do close early on Wednesday. If you buy your flowers from the markets then you will have to wake up really early so that you can buy your stock & have your shop ready for business at 8:30am.*

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