Day 55 – Counting Beans


This is a game I read about at many parenting blogs with variations using sand, rice etc.

Buy a pound of beans – I choose black beans that I had at home – look for the why part below. Put it in a wide container like a cookie sheet. Add some small cups and spoons – I chose a measuring cup, a spoon from baby formula and a cup from a medicine.  Let the kid loose and enjoy the free time!

It really works – My daughter can keep herself busy with it for at least 15 minutes – enough to make a quick stir-fry 🙂

Why black beans? And not rice or sand?

– I bought some to cook but didn’t like them so much and they were there, unused.

– it’s easier to clean up because they are bigger than rice or sand

– their size are not a choking hazard in case she does eat some

– its ok if she does eat some because they are after all beans

And of course you can teach counting beans!

24 Feb 2011

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One thought on “Day 55 – Counting Beans

  1. :). That’s smart. And a very nice picture.

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