Day 29 – Temple

We took my parents to the Livermore temple today. Its a fairly long drive ( about an hour) but worth it.

We all grow up with memories and associations. For most of us in India a temple has  certain look. It is noisy – sounds of people and bells and chants. It  smells of flowers and  camphor.  All these are required to build the atmosphere.

We arent the types who go to temple on a regular basis. Its mostly a few times a year like a birthday or a major festival. When we were  new to US in Seattle, we asked around about a temple and were directed to one which was close to the Indian grocery we visited. So one weekend we decided to visit it. It turned out to be a temple run by the now infamous Nityananda. For some unexplained reason we could not somehow relate to it – maybe it was some kind of sixth sense 🙂

This temple fits our mental image of a temple. So even if it is a bit far, it feels doable.

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