Day 17 – Daddy, Mommy, Bachchu – Oranges

Aaj-kal, whenever b sees pictures of multiples – like piggies, dogs, chicken in a book, she will label them Bachchu piggy, Mommy piggy, Daddy piggy – usually the smaller one will be Bachchu and the bigger ones are mommy and daddy. I have tried saying baby piggy, but it’s still Bachchu piggy. This could be due to my own doing. While trying to teach her the concept of names I taught her that Mommy’s name is Bharathy, Daddy’s name is cd and Bachchu’s name is Prakamya. I think at this point she thinks bachchu = baby.

These were 3 oranges she picked up – one for Daddy, one for Mommy and one for Bachchu. Not necessarily in that order.

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One thought on “Day 17 – Daddy, Mommy, Bachchu – Oranges

  1. I have a reverse problem. Kiddo refers to him as baby ! My own doing as thats what I did while taught him who was in the mirror 😀

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